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Crucified Mind Robert Havard

Crucified Mind

Robert Havard

Published October 25th 2001
ISBN : 9781855660755
276 pages
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 About the Book 

Why is the Spanish input to Surrealism so distinctive and strong? What do such renowned figures as Dali, Bunuel, Lorca, Aleixandre and Alberti have in common? This book untangles the issue of Surrealism in Spain by focusing on a consistent feature in Spanish avant-garde poetry, art and film of the late twenties and thirties: its supersaturation in religion. A repressive religious upbringing, typically under the Jesuits, intensifies both the paranoiac and the mystical - Surrealisms twin pillars - which were already deeply ingrained in the Spanish psyche. Striking examples are Lorcas prophetic voice in New York, Dali and Bunuels Eucharistic transformations, Albertis Loyolan materio-mysticism. Alberti is the fulcrum of this study since his poetry goes the full distance of Surrealisms evolution from Freudian catharsis to metaphysical transcendence until it expires in a Marxist reaction to church-bound tradition when his nation convulses in civil war, the surrealist ethos in Spain is not reducible to measuring how closely it imitates French theory. It is more serious than the French, says Alberti, and its bearings are found on a cross of mental suffering and in a journey out of hell that made real art in practice. ROBERT HAVARD is Professor of Spanish, University of Wales, Aberystwyth.