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Psycho Sitter: Mystery/Thriller Alexandria Ayers

Psycho Sitter: Mystery/Thriller

Alexandria Ayers

Kindle Edition
235 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Like any other young person, 17-year-old Cassandra has a simple dream, and that is to become a therapist for troubled children. Little did she know that she’d soon need a little therapy herself…Due to the nature of their jobs, Cassandra’s parents often took extended trips. One night, her father receives a call for him and his wife to come to Ghana, thousands of miles away. They couldn’t leave their teenage daughter and eight-year-old son alone for a week, and so they called the services of a sitter.But when someone named Hunter arrived at their doorstep, Cassandra knew not to trust him. Something about him was not right, and this nagging suspicion gnawed at her. But would she and her brother be able to get out in time to figure out this stranger?Or has he already set his eyes on the young and pure Cassandra, and was just waiting for the right moment?