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100 Best Games Eulalia Perez

100 Best Games

Eulalia Perez

ISBN : 9780613877626
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 About the Book 

Parents, teachers in Pre-K through elementary grades, and kids themselves will find great ideas for indoor and outdoor games in this attractively illustrated book. A section called Indoor Games has ideas for keeping kids amused on a rainy day, or providing exercise and diversion in classroom or gym settings. The Outdoor Games section includes games played with a ball, running games, and games that relate to nature. Travel Games are designed to keep restless kids occupied during long rides in cars, trains, or planes. Rules are spelled out, along with suggestions and encouragement for creating new variations on standard rules. Emphasis throughout the book is on active participation by all Players, rather than on elimination of losers. Unusually handsome full-color art on most pages makes tins volume a delight to look at, as well as a source of great ideas.